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Michael Fiore

Relationship expert

Jenna McCarthy

author and TED speaker

Dr. Kevin Hogan

International Bestselling Autor of 24 books

Patty Contenta

Feminine Flirting Expert

Marci Lock

new age Thought Leader

Adam Gilad

CEO Gilad Creative Media

Michelle Johnson

Your Guide To The Right Guy

Dr. Diana Kirschner

Love in 90 days

Tatiana "Tajci" Cameron

Music Artist, Speaker, Coach

Allana Pratt​​​​

Intimacy Expert

Stacey Murphy

Your Man & Money Coach

Ryan Michler

Order of man

P.J. Dixon

Professional Speaker.  Life, Love & Relationship Coach

Suzanne Muller heinz

Dating & Love Life Coach

​Dr D Ivan Young​​​​​​​​

Relationship & Emotional Intelligence Expert

Elisa Popescu

Intimacy & Relationship Coach for Men

Jenny G. Perry

Goddess Life Coach

​Janet Ong Zimmerman

Founder of Love for Successful Women

Emilia Nagy

Attract True Love

Faith Spina

Dakini/Spiritual Midwife

​Lucia Gabriela

Life, Relationship and Integrative Sexuality Coach

debbie licther

Food Addiction & Embodiment Expert, Congruency Coach


Emotional Clarity is OUR birthright

oren harris

be in the world, but not of it

lila gonzales

Visionary Leader at The Reinvented Woman

mia cara

Holistic Wellness Coach

deb cole

Founder at RPM Success Group

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If you are ready to activate YOUR UNIQUE POWERS to create a Deep, Delicious Love and Passionate Life with a man who adores you, You are in the right place!

Use your words in classy, eloquent ways that will make him man up for you

Embrace confident femininity with clear boundaries

Master the art of playfulness and joy to attract the life (and man) that you desire


knows the key to a Delicious life.



SATISFACTION & FULFILLMENT in areas af life that matter to her


Love, Sex, Spirituality, Purpose & Health


Relationships: full of support, kindness, fun and trust

Becoming One of a kind Woman is a powerful way of personal magnetism that men would die LIVE for!

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Helena Summer is the founder of the ‘LivDelicious’ lifestyle movement.
She grew up in war torn Croatia. At the age of 15 she ran away from refugee camp to become a nun, committing to a life of celibacy, simplicity, and poverty.

Her first romance was an arranged marriage to a former priest. It was a one of a kind marriage. Helena was married and divorced (twice) before her first date. To learn who men are, she went on a dates with more than 500 men,
discovering their unique qualities and what they really look for in a one of a kind woman.

Drawing on her Croatian Grandmother's wisdom and her own experience of living in different cultures, Helena passionately promotes authentic love with confidence, class and joy.

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